MindMixer – What We Heard from the First Round of Question about Momentum: the Next Generation of Metro

November 16th, 2012

The first round of MindMixer questions for Momentum: The Next Generation of Metro closed on October 26th. 370 people joined the conversation and posted over 90 ideas, 300 comments, and 1,600 votes. There were 4,300 visits to the site, of which 63% were unique visits. There were almost 24,000 page views and visitors stayed on the site for an average of five and a half minutes. The response was terrific and we’re excited to continue the conversation and new questions are currently on the site.

Who Commented

Mind Mixer responses by zipcode. Click for larger version.

Your fellow Metro riders who joined the conversation came from across the region.Below is a map of the number of participants by zip code.Participants ranged from 18 to over 65, with an average age of 36.5. 70% of participants were men.As our ridership is much more evenly split, we’d love to hear from more women, so please don’t be shy!Guys – please tell your female colleagues, friends, and family about the site and encourage them to comment.This month we are advertising on buses and in multiple English and non-English newspapers to further engage our riders, so keep an eye out.

What We Heard

We have compiled a summary of the vote tally from each first round question, as well as a summary of the themes of the comments within each question. The major takeaways for Metro were that our riders have a lot of interesting, creative ideas for small, short-term improvements to their daily ride, many of which could be inexpensive. Additionally, there is a desire for large infrastructure projects to expand the system, connect communities, and increase the capacity in the system core. We also noticed a need for a Metro 101 to better explain the basics of how Metro operates, as well as the pros and cons of ideas and concepts. Stay tuned to PlanItMetro for posts tagged as Metro 101.

Overall, the major themes we heard were:

  • Safety—repair and relieve crowding
  • Address core crowding first
    • More train frequency
    • Bus priority
    • Station entrances; faregates
  • More information
  • Integrate and connect other services, communities
  • Funding—long-term source

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  1. Matthew
    December 13th, 2012 at 10:30 | #1

    What happened to all of the photos on the “Things I am Thankful For” post? There were many more photos that visitors had posted that showed Metro’s various failures of safety and reliability, a key takeaway/ major theme of customer concern if I am reading this post correctly.

    If even that simple, lighthearted post cannot be met with censorship and data-scrubbing, how can we trust that any other data provided by this site, WMATA, or Mind Mixer is accurate?


  2. Allison
    December 13th, 2012 at 14:08 | #2

    The vast majority of the photos were removed because they violated the terms and conditions that all users agree to when they join the site. MindMixer was developed so that we could have a constructive ongoing conversation with our riders to garner feedback on the next generation of Metro. All posts that provide insight into that conversation remain on the site, whether they are positive and negative. Only those that violate MindMixer’s T&C are removed. All posts are being reviewed, assessed for broad themes, and compiled into potential improvements, though obviously, many of the ideas are long term in nature. I hope you’ll continue to post your ideas and comments – the more, the better!

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