Late Night Bus Maps and Options

June 15th, 2016

Updated 7/6/2016

Now that Metrorail closes at midnight on weekends, what buses are available? New regional bus maps can help you find alternatives to Metrorail after midnight.

Since the launch of the SafeTrack program, rush-hour alternatives have been a hot topic across the region, especially for commuters impacted by the rail surges. However, it’s also important to address navigation strategies for people impacted by Metrorail’s earlier weekend closing time — midnight rather than 3:00 A.M. on Friday and Saturday nights (technically early Saturday and Sunday mornings). While nightlife patrons are part of the mix, most of our late-night rail customers are traveling to or from work. Since teleworking may not always be an option for these commuters, night owls should be aware of the bus options available after midnight.

We’ve assembled bus service availability, by hour, on weekends from Metrobus and our regional partners, and put the data on maps!

To see individual route labels, click on a map to expand.

Detailed timetable information is available from Metrobus, Fairfax Connector, Ride On, ART, and DC Circulator. Some bus service differs slightly between the two weekend days; you can plan a specific trip in Metro’s Trip Planner.

Note: Metrobus map data is based on information from the Late Night Service Study published in April 2016 and may not reflect recent service changes on certain bus routes. We will follow up next week with any updates.

Updated 7/6/2016: Map graphics have been revised to reflect current service patterns.

More maps below the fold: 



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  1. June 15th, 2016 at 15:56 | #1

    I notice that a lot of these routes feed into Metrorail stations — e.g., Anacostia, Pentagon (City), Huntington, Prince George’s Plaza, Rhode Island Avenue, Springfield, Tysons Corner, and Wiehle. Are there ANY plans to alter bus routes to fill in those gaps?

  2. Alan Budde
    June 16th, 2016 at 09:21 | #2

    DC comes out pretty well. I’ve certainly used the 50s S and 90s late at night. Seems that we could benefit greatly from reliable round the clock service on Rhode Island Ave (continuing to College Park/Rt 1 would be ideal) and Connecticut Ave (and Rockville Pike to Rockville Station). I also wonder if they could extend to 4 AM given that routes are longer. For Arlington the obvious gap seems to be late night 16Y service from DC even say hourly after 11 PM. Also at least hourly 38 B service would be smart

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