Getting to 2025

July 29th, 2013

Portions of Momentum are Grosvenor-Sta-night-121010-13already being executed, meaning that elements in this strategic plan under Metro’s control are already in implementation mode.  Engineering work is well-underway to support some of the immediate and near-term investments and innovations to carry the system to the year 2025. Some of the projects and their dates of completion or anticipated completion include the following:

Metro’s staff and Board are already laying the financial underpinnings to execute the strategic plan. In 2013, the Board approved Metro’s multi-year capital and operating budgets. While continuing laser-like focus on safety improvements and the rebuilding of the existing system, the FY 2014-2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes a number of significant investments that lay the groundwork for the implementation and execution of Metro 2025, which is described in the following section and later in this document.

Among these strategic investments are included:

Safety First

  • Replacing and upgrading Metro’s radio system infrastructure
  • Safety improvements and implementation of NTSB recommendations
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation and replacement of track and rail structures to achieve a state of good repair and a steady state of maintenance

Preparing for 100 Percent Eight-Car Trains

  • Preliminary investment to initiate the acquisition of 220 railcars
  • Phased investment in power system infrastructure upgrades
  • Investment in planning and engineering for eight-car train maintenance and storage facilities

Moving More People with Less Crowding

  • Station capacity and access improvements at Gallery Place and Union Station
  • Continued investment in planning and project development for core and station capacity projects, new Blue Line connections, and pocket tracks and crossovers
  • Replacement and/or rehabilitation of over 150 escalators and 85 elevators

Enhancing the Regional Bus Network

  • Additional buses to reduce overcrowding and improve on time performance
  • Acquisition of 100 expansion buses, representing the first meaningful addition to the fleet in more than a decade
  • Replacement of the Southern Avenue and Royal Street bus garages

Making it Easy to Plan, Pay and Ride

  • Modernization of Metro’s fare collection infrastructure and technology

These investments demonstrate Metro’s commitment to putting the strategic plan into implementation right away by allocating financial and human resources to advancing and accomplishing the goals of Momentum.

For more information:

Download both the full Momentum plan and the Executive Summary.

Regional support is important to making Momentum a reality! A number of regional stakeholders have already endorsed Momentum. Please sign on and add your name to endorse Momentum and send the message that public transit is vital to the National Capital Region.

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