Sneak Peak of Metro Activities at the 95th TRB Annual Meeting

January 7th, 2016

The 95th Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting is coming to town!  This annual meeting will host 12,000 transportation professionals from around the world and more than 5,000 presentations covering all transportation modes, including public transportation. At the 2016 annual meeting, Metro staff will be sharing Metro’s experience and best practices on a number of transit development and planning initiatives.

Jordan from the Office of Performance will introduce the development of a new performance measure of travel time reliability (Event 823: Where is My Ride?).  This new measure can be used by customers to better plan their trips and by Metro to optimize rail operations.

Lisa from the Office of External Relations will present Metro’s implementation of a new public participation plan (Event 585: Public Involvement). The redesigned outreach process applied innovative forms of outreach to all communities in the region, with road shows at bus stops and community meetings, enhanced interactions with the community based organizations, and direct emails and ads in local newspapers.

Event 288 (Solving Rail Transit Congestion) is hosting two presentations from Metro.  Shelly from the Office of Rail Operations Planning and Scheduling will introduce Metro’s ongoing effort to modernize the rail scheduling system, as a way to improve the business process for rail service planning and scheduling, and enhance the dynamic interaction with operations.  Michael and Justin from the Office of Planning will present a new approach to assess passenger delay, leveraging the power and richness of transaction-level fare system data. They will also deep dive into transaction-based ridership data analysis at Workshop 106.

Metro planners from the Office of Planning, Wendy and Michael, will partner with DDOT and AECOM to discuss the joint effort in exploring bus lane alternatives on DC’s H and I Streets (Event 286: Current Research on BRT).  H and I Streets in downtown Washington D.C. is a congested public transit corridor, where buses run every minute during the peak hours.  This presentation explores bus lane designs, user impacts, and potential benefits and costs.

Alison from the Office of Planning and Dalia from AECOM will present an analysis of how changes in land use can help the DC region make better use of the transportation system (Event 665: Transit Planning). Alison also assisted in the preparation of Workshop 114 which is to come up with ideas to reduce SOV trips and allocate travel lanes.

Wendy, Chair of TRB’s Rail Transit Systems Committee, has put together a robust program on the rail transit development and trends, with four events and one committee meeting.  The events host three FTA’s presentations on a number of important policies and programs as well as researches and best practices in rail transit from the U.S. and the globe. The FTA presentations include:

  • Introduction to FTA’s Core Capacity Program (Event 288)
  • Mobility on Demand: Connections to Rail Transit (Event 322)
  • Policies on Public Transportation Safety (AP065 Committee Meeting)

If you plan to participate in the TRB annual meeting and are interested in public transit topics, please join WMATA staff at these events and share your ideas!

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