Partnering to Go the Extra Mile (and every mile in between!)

December 16th, 2015

WMATA is excited to be part of “Friends with Transit”, Lyft‘s initiative to provide first and last mile connections to transit systems across the nation, and a coupon code.

Metro covers a lot of ground – 1,500 square miles or so!  But not everyone is within convenient walking or biking distance to transit, and that makes us less convenient than we would like to be for our customers!  We’ve profiled here how we would like to close that first-mile/last-mile gap for our customers through enhanced pedestrian and bicycle connections, and now we have yet another option to get you where you need to go.

Our friends at Lyft have just launched “Friends with Transit“, a nationwide initiative to provide first/last mile connections to transit systems and extend the reach of the transit network.  We’re delighted that they chose to work with us on this as well, and they are offering discount codes to customers who choose to take Lyft to/from Metrorail stations.  Just use the code “METRODC2015” to get $5 off of your first 10 trips on Lyft when going to/from a Metrorail station.

Stylized Metrorail Map, Courtesy of Lyft

Stylized Metrorail Map, Courtesy of Lyft

We hope that initiatives like this make it more convenient for you to choose to take transit, and would love to hear from you about other ways we can partner with regional transportation providers to make a transit trip your first choice.


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