Chart of the Week: Metro Key to Region’s Growth

December 3rd, 2012

70% of the participants felt that expanded investment in public transit is key to continued economic growth in the Washington region.

Over the past decade there have been many significant efforts to promote regionalism in the National Capital region.Endeavors including Reality Check, COG’s Region Forward and the work of the 2030 group, have envisioned a region that is more accessible, prosperous, sustainable and livable.

Building on these plans and visions, on November 13th, ULI Washington hosted “Regional Leadership: Vision to Action,” an invitation-only event for the region’s leaders in business, land-use and real estate. The purpose of the event was to examine regional strategies for improving economic development and quality of life in the National Capital Region. A report summarizing the content of the event is being developed by ULI Washington and will be published in December 2012 at

The charts above and below show the results of a poll of the session’s participants:120 regional leaders in land use, business, and real estate.From the looks of things, the regional private sector leadership believes Metro is key to the future of the region, and that we had better find ways to fund it properly.

Sustainable funding is the #2 priority of regional business leaders to ensure future economic competitiveness of the National Capital Area.

The full results of the participant polling is available for download: Participant Polling final results

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