New routes, more service, and other changes coming to bus routes in Southeast DC

March 24th, 2014

Last fall, Metro presented numerous proposed bus service changes at our public hearings. Many of these proposals impacted bus routes in Southeast DC and we received significant feedback from riders and other concerned citizens.  We heard you, we listened, and we updated or discarded our proposals based on your feedback.  Our original set of proposals included changes to:

What is happening now?

On Sunday, March 30, 2014, Metro will implement major changes on several Metrobus routes in Southeast DC, including the M2, M8, M9, V7, V9, and W4. These changes will improve neighborhood circulation and provide the direct connections to shopping and community services that residents have requested. These changes will also allow Metro to improve service on local high ridership routes. Here is what these changes mean for you:

Route M8 and M9 riders:
Between 2011 and 2012, Metro conducted a comprehensive study of the Anacostia-Congress Heights “A line” bus routes. Riders voiced a desire for direct service to shopping areas along Alabama Avenue and better overall circulation within their neighborhoods. Metro is responding with the creation of a new Route W1.  This new route will replace M8 and M9 service.

NEW Route W1:
Route W1 will operate between Bellevue/Fort Drum and Southern Avenue Station via Congress Heights Station. This new route will replace M8 and M9 service and offer better connections to key locations including the Shops at Park Village (Giant Food plaza), the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) and the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center.

Route W1

Route W1

Route W4 riders:
Metro will contintue to increase service by adding five new weekday rush hour trips.Since the end of 2012, Metro has increased off-peak and weekend service on Route W4 by approximately 50%.

Routes V7 and V9 riders:
Due to low ridership on the far Southwest DC portion of the line, Route V9 will now provide service between Benning Heights and Navy Yard Station. The resources saved by terminating the V9 at Navy Yard allows Metro to add an additional trip to Route V7 service to relieve overcrowding on the eastern portion of the line. Route V7 will continue to serve the Bureau of Printing and Engraving.

Route M2 riders:
Due to very low ridership (fewer than 150 people per day), all Route M2 service will be discontinued. Alternate bus service is available in the immediate vicinity on routes 39, F14, M6, V5 and W4.

Route M2 Alternatives

Route M2 Alternatives

New timetables for all changed routes are available online.

What will be happening later this year?

Over the summer, Metro hopes to implement a major restructuring of the 30s line.  Look for further information in the coming months but this change will provide more service to downtown as well as more reliable service throughout the entire length of the line.  Updates to our previous proposal include:

  • Routes 31 and 34: Both of these routes will continue to operate as they do now
  • Routes 32 and 36: These routes will run from Southern Avenue or Naylor Road Stations to Foggy Bottom
  • NEW Routes 30N and 30S: These new routes will provide crosstown service between Friendship Heights and Southern Avenue (30S) and Naylor Road (30N)
  • NEW Route 33: This new route will provide service between Friendship Heights and Archives

As one of the highest ridership lines in the entire Metrobus network, we are already engaged in a major outreach effort to let riders and communities know about these changes.  If you know of events or meetings where you think we should present information about the changes to the 30s line, let us know!

What proposals will not be happening?

Our proposal to restructure Routes 74, V7, V8, V9, and U2 contained several different options.  The only change that will be implemented is the shortening of the V9.  However, instead of a terminal at Potomac Avenue, the V9 will run to Navy Yard Station.  No changes are planned to routes 74, V7, V8, or U2.

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  1. ARM (from Tenleytown)
    March 25th, 2014 at 00:00 | #1

    Change is well overdue for the 30’s line. I’ve been riding these busses for years but service has not grown with demand increases (there were major increases around 2006/7) but not since. The timetables and maps at my bus stop (Tenleytown station at Wisconsin & Albemarle) haven’t been updated in years! It still says that there are 30 and 35 buses!

    I think that we should maintain service across the length of the line, but make it limited-stop. The 37 is great for what it does but the bulk of people from Upper NW taking the bus would be better benefitted from an all-day limited bus going the length of Wisconsin/Penn.

  2. Mel
    July 28th, 2014 at 14:57 | #2

    Will it ever be possible to reinstate the extended V9? It was so perfect for those of us traveling from SE to jobs in and around the National Mall. I really miss it.

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