Metrobus Revises the 22 and 25 Bus Lines

June 30th, 2015

As part of Metrobus’ June 21, 2015 Service Change, the Ballston-Bradlee-Pentagon Line has been eliminated and the Barcroft-South Fairlington Line has been revised.

The 25 routes have been evolving ever since the line started in January 1980. This route restructuring is only the latest change to better address the travel needs of our passengers. Routes 25A, 25C, 25D, and 25E (Ballston-Bradlee-Pentagon Line) have been eliminated. Most discontinued segments of the line have become part of the restructured Routes 22A, 22B, 22C, and 22F (Barcroft-South Fairlington Line).


All timetables have been adjusted to reflect new trip times. Check out the 22A, B, C, F schedules and 25B schedule.

Effective Sunday, June 21, 2015,

  • Route 22A operates via Stafford and Utah Streets and through Parkfairfax to the Pentagon along the current 25E routing. The 22A will operate seven days-a-week except peak periods when it is replaced by the 22C. The 22A will provide Parkfairfax with new Saturday and Sunday Metrobus service.
  • NEW Route 22C provides weekday peak period service when the 22A is not running. The 22C will run the same route as the 22A except it will bypass Parkfairfax. Instead, the 22C will operate via Quaker Lane between 32nd & Quaker Lane and the Shirlington Rotary.
  • Route 22B has an updated timetable but the route will stay the same.
  • NEW Route 22F replaces the 25C. The route is the same as the current 25C, running between Pentagon and NVCC, bypassing Shirlington, and running during peak periods only. The name change is a result of the route’s characteristics being better suited to the Barcroft-South Fairlington Line.
  • South Fairlington riders benefit from the new 22C and 22F trips having a combined headway of 10 minutes during peak periods.
  • The 25B route did not change but additional short trips have been added to better serve the former 25A and 25E passengers. Every other 25B trip run only between Ballston, NVCC-Alexandria, and Southern Towers. New Sunday service is provided by these short trips.
  • W. Campus Drive has been renamed Bisdorf Drive. This street name change does not affect service.

For more information or assistance, call Metro Customer Information at 202-637-7000 [TTY 202-638-3780] or look for your new timetable online.

This post is Part 4 of 4 in a series spotlighting major changes from Metrobus’ June 2015 Service Change. Check out the previous spotlights on the NH1, U and V Lines, and E Line.

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