Metro’s Sustainability Initiative Launches

April 22nd, 2014


Metro's Sustainability Agenda

Metro’s Sustainability Agenda

To coincide with today’s Earth Day we are excited to announce the launch of the Metro’s Sustainability Initiative. Last spring Metro’s Board of Directors adopted Momentum, Metro’s strategic plan, committing Metro to sustainability.  As a companion to Momentum, Metro’s Sustainability Initiative sets out Metro’s plan to meet that commitment through 2025 and beyond and positions the Authority to enhance regional livability while providing service more efficiently.

Check out Metro’s Sustainability Agenda a publication that highlights Metro’s sustainability investments to date, sets forth regional and internal sustainability performance  targets, and outlines future actions that can help meet these targets.

Performance targets include:

  •   Increasing Metro ridership 25% by 2025
  •   Increasing greenhouse gas displacement 10% by 2025
  •   Reducing energy use per vehicle mile 15% by 2025, and cutting in half greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle mile during the same timeframe
  •   Reducing water use per vehicle mile 20% by 2025

The Authority has also launched a Sustainability Lab as a key component of the Sustainability Initiative. The Sustainability Lab was created to identify and pilot new cost saving technologies and practices for Authority-wide rollout. By continuing to identify new projects through the Sustainability Lab and supporting existing projects already underway, Metro is investing in a way that provides cost savings while “going green” throughout the Authority.

Starting today, and for the rest of April, Earth Month, we’ll be rolling out posts on interesting sustainability projects already underway and the key role Metro plays in regional sustainability here on PlanItMetro. So stop back for a dose of Metro’s Sustainability Initiative. If you notice something that strikes your fancy, leave us a comment.

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    April 23rd, 2014 at 09:58 | #1

    Where exactly are you going to put those 25% new riders? Trains are already overcrowded and infrequent.

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