Nats Fans Take Metro

October 12th, 2012

The Nats thrilled us last night with a ninth-inning home run to win the game, and the crowd at Nationals Park went wild.  And afterward, nearly 15,000 fans took Metrorail on their way out of the stadium.

The graph below shows number of entries at Navy Yard-Ballpark Station from 1 pm to midnight yesterday in blue, and the black dashed line represents the average ridership on days this month without a ballgame.  The gap between the solid line and the dashed line represents the station entries that are associated with yesterday’s game.  The total number of game-related entries to the Navy Yard-Ballpark station from 7 p.m. to midnight was 12,835.

Navy Yard-Ballpark station entries showing the spike of customers using Metro after last night's game.


Of course, not all Nats fans enter the system at Navy Yard. When you include increased post-game ridership at nearby stations (e.g. Capitol South), one third of all Nationals attendees used Metro after the game (14,786 total).

The next question is, where did all these fans travel to?  The table below shows the top 10 destinations of those customers entering Navy Yard-Ballpark from 7 p.m. to midnight.  This data show an interesting mix of end-of-line stations, DC destinations and inner-suburban mixed use centers.  Perhaps some fans went out to celebrate at restaurants and bars in DC, Arlington and Bethesda while others went home.

Destination Trips % of Total
Gallery Place 747 5.6%
Pentagon City 620 4.7%
Vienna 608 4.6%
Franconia-Springfield 464 3.5%
Columbia Heights 445 3.3%
Shady Grove 400 3.0%
Ballston 397 3.0%
U Street 390 2.9%
West Falls Church 389 2.9%
Bethesda 361 2.7%

Did you take Metro from the game last night?  If so, where did you travel and what did you do?

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