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Metrobus Service Guidelines

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In 1997, the WMATA Board of Directors appointed the Regional Mobility Panel. Made up of members from regional governments as well as business, labor and citizen leaders, the panel was charged with reducing costs and increasing integration of the region’s bus services. In addition to publishing Principles for Coordinated Bus Service in the Washington Metropolitan Area, the panel also identified the need for service planning processes and procedures. The panel recommended service criteria be developed to allow evaluation of regional bus service provided by WMATA. (Regional routes cross jurisdictional lines and are subsidized by all compact jurisdictions.) In consultation with the local jurisdictions the following criteria were developed and integrated into Metrobus Service Adjustment Policies, adopted by the WMATA Board of Directors in February, 2000.

While the criteria were established to evaluate productivity of regional routes, Metro also evaluates non-regional routes the same way.  However, routes of a given service type (regional vs. non-regional) are evaluated against average performance criteria of only its own service type.  These critical values are calculated annually based on past years’ performance.

  • Daily Weekday Passenger Boardings
  • Cost Recovery
  • Average Subsidy Per Passenger
  • Passengers Per Revenue Trip
  • Passengers Per Revenue Mile

For a more detailed description of these criteria, please see the Metrobus Service Guidelines document.


Report of the Regional Mobility Panel, 1997 (PDF, 1 MB)

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