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How to Access Secure “Bike Garage” at College Park?

January 18th, 2011 29 comments

Portland TriMet's secure bike parking facility at Sunset Transit Center

Secure bike parking at TriMet Sunset Transit Center. Image from TriMet, click for original context.

Metro would like to pilot a secure bicycle parking facility at College Park station, and we want your feedback on some of the particulars related to its operation – namely, how bicyclists should access this “bike garage,” and what it should cost. We want this pilot project to teach us the ins-and-outs for building more similar facilities in the future.

Why are you building secure bike parking? Because we want you to feel safe leaving your bike at a Metro station, and sometimes our existing racks and lockers aren’t sufficient. This is a top request from our riders – since bikes are not allowed on-board trains at busy times, you need a safe place to leave your bike.  Also, bike parking is a very cost-effective way for us to give you access to the station, especially compared to the cost of auto parking. Read more…

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